Corkwood knitting and crafts came about from a passion first for knitting and then as time went on for textile decoration, sewing and weaving. My career started in the knitting industry. At the beginning we were purely making fully fashioned knitwear but as time went on and as customer requirements grew more complex, we needed to develop a whole range of other skills to satisfy our clients more complicated and artistic requests. My interest in dyeing began in this way ten years ago and it has been a source of endless fascination. Customer expectations have also led me in to the fabulous world of pattern cutting and sewing which has been a new source of endless enjoyment.

We are based in fairlight in East Sussex and are the very definition of a cottage industry our online shop supplies a variety of yarns, dyes and craft tools. These are all ones we have used ourselves so are happy to recommend to others.

Above being a business we are enthusiasts so we always like to encourage new ideas and experimentation. Our mission statement is keep on creating and learn something new every day.