I originally made the mini mermaids to showcase what could be done with the recycled tube yarns from our machines in Fairlight. The idea was inspired by a much loved memento that was acquired from a junk shop in the West Country many years ago and was looking a little worse for wear. I’ve got to say, I haven’t had so much fun in ages. I created a pattern, cut up some old skirts for the fabric, raided my box of broken jewellery and collection of shells that have been gathered from previous holidays for the decorations and then made a man for the woman.

 Since then I have made more as presents. They are all a bit different as they are made from recycled and otherwise unwanted materials. I enjoyed making these so much; I decided to put the pattern and the instructions on the internet for other people to try. The idea is to give each one its own personality.  

Although we used the recycled tubular yarns we make here at our workshops in Fairlight – available from our online shop www.corkwood-knittingandcraftsupplies.com, the hair will work well using random wools and ripped fabrics. Below, I have added a link to a free pdf pattern and instructions and below that I have added a bit more details of how we made our mermaids hair and fringing. There will be other methods that will work just as well.

How we made the hair with corkwood tube yarns

Drop stitch fringe
How to make the knitted curls
Making wider drop stitch fringes