How to build a Peg Loom for weaving with basic household tools

2020, being a somewhat unusual year has given us some extra time to think about what we are using and what we are throwing away. We have been making and selling peg looms for recycling for a number of years and because like many of you, we have been having a massive tidy up during lockdown, it got me round to thinking what are the minimum tools required for anybody to make these looms for themselves.  It doesn’t mean that we have stopped making Peg Looms in our workshop, it is just that these are such a brilliant tool for recycling fabric, yarn, fleece and anything else that will pass between the pegs, that we decided to make a video showing you how you can make these for yourselves.

If you need extra information, we have just finished a PDF download available here

The PDF booklet is a short and concise colour guide on building your own peg loom and then how to use it. As well as the materials, tools and instructions needed to make your loom, the PDF downloadable booklet details how to thread your loom with the warp thread, the basic weaving technique, how to join blocks of colour, finish loose ends, make quick rag rugs and get tufted effects. Also included are instructions on how to prepare raw fleece for peg loom weaving without having to spin it. This is a great pictorial guide for anyone interested in learning this ancient but wonderfully simple weaving method that can be taught to both adults and children. Peg looms are great tools for recycling old materials yarns and anything else that will pass between the pegs. This new PDF download also includes a printable hole spacing template.

If by chance, you are not keen to build your own loom, our online shop, Corkwood Knitting & Craft supplies is still selling them!