How to make a fabulous knitted collar

by | Nov 16, 2019 | Projects with Corkwood braids and tubular yarns

This is a quick blog entry to show you how I made these collars using a Hague linker and some of the tubular yarns and tapes we make at Corkwood Knitting and Crafts in East Sussex. These are the items I used. I measured a strip of 6cm ribbing to match the collar opening. I then gathered a variety of yarns from my workshop. This also works with ribbons and fabrics and mixing it all up looks great.

I started by placing the silver knitted ribbed knitting on the linker a few rows up from the bottom.

With the first yarn, I hung it at various heights and placed it on a needle approx. every inch. The next colour was placed on the linker in the same manor using up some of the empty needles. This was done for two more colours for that row, and when I was happy, I linked along that row.

The tape was removed from the linker and placed back on 1 cm or so higher up. I repeated the procedure from the first row. How many rows you do is up to you. My collars were made with four rows leaving a bit of the silver base free so there was space to be able to attach it to the garment