A few years ago I came across a Lilliput cord maker for the first time. Being a knitting machinery geek, it immediately became a must-have. Lilliput machines are beautifully engineered bits of equipment, most of which were built in the 1960s. With a minimum of fuss and a gentle ticking hum they convert fine threads to tapes and cords of varying width and thicknesses that are dependent on the number of needles in use and yarn type and mixes fed in.  Our first Lilliput was soon followed by more and the group are known in our workshop as the working girls.The easiest way to describe what they do is high speed French knitting. 

The output is truly multipurpose. These tubular yarns are substantial and will give solid textures which work really well for chunky knitting, weaving, knitted upholstery as well as great with the more unusual uses such as knitted sculptures and even jewellery making.

Because these tapes are actually knitted tubes, they can be used for all sorts of projects which require embedding objects.

Corkwood tape Yarns are available from our own online shop. Corkwood Knitting and Craft Supplies

If you have any special requests for colours   qualities and quantities,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.